Freshly made ice cream

Ice cream storage and to-go


✓ A cubotto will keep your ice cream good for 3 hours outside the freezer
✓ For 0.5 litres of homemade ice cream

4 cubottos

€ 9,90

Set: both mixes + 1 cubotto

€ 12,90


Take your freshly made ice cream with you in a handy cubotto of 0.5 litres. In this insulated container, the ice cream stays frozen for up to 3 hours. Super fun to take with you as dessert at a summer picnic, but also great when you visit friends and can surprise them with fresh ice cream! Size: 11 x 11 cm.

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Tip: Clean the cubottos by hand (so not in the dishwasher) and reuse the tray up to 5 times.


To make ice cream, you need a basic mix needed. Hej hej has basic mixes in several varieties. We have a ready-to-use ice cream mix for ice cream and sorbet. We provide clear instructions & recipe so you know how to make the tastiest ice cream. Want to read ahead? You can here.

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CUBE ice cream maker

These basic mixes are specially formulated for the use of the CUBE ice cream maker.

Delivery time

Orders of basic mixes and/or cubottos placed before 3pm on a working day will be delivered within 1-2 working days.

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