Guarantee hej hej

At hej hej, we stand for high-quality products. In the unlikely event that there is something wrong with your CUBE ice cream maker, make use of your warranty. Do you have a complaint about the ingredients? Then of course we will solve that with you too.

How long is the warranty on my CUBE ice cream maker?

The CUBE ice cream maker comes with a 24-month warranty.

Who will repair my CUBE ice cream machine?

We can usually easily repair the machine in our own hej hej service centre. If the repair is more complicated, hej hej will send the machine to the supplier in Italy.

Can I also have my CUBE ice machine repaired outside the warranty period?

Yes. You do have to pay for this. We examine your product and give you an estimate. Based on this, you can choose whether you want to have it repaired or not.

Is repair of my CUBE ice machine always free of charge?

If your CUBE ice machine breaks down within the warranty period and it is a manufacturing defect, the repair is completely free of charge. Even if the defect is due to your own fault, we can help you with the repair. However, you will have to pay for this. We cannot tell you in advance how much it will cost. We will first examine your CUBE ice machine, make an estimate and wait for your decision before starting the repair.

I have a complaint about another order. Where can I go?

Oy, we don't like to hear that. Please take contact with us so that together we can find a suitable solution.

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